New Qumi-Qumi to win Best Series award at Suzdalfest!

Our series Qumi-Qumi in an updated format was awarded as "Best Series" at Suzdal XXIV Animation Fest that took place last weekend in Suzdal, Russia. The updated project was produced with the help of both 2D and 3D technologies and was sort of an experiment for our team. The first trial episode consists of two independent stories: "A Lost Dream" and "The Time Machine". 

The series features the adventures of Juga, Yusi and Shumadan — representatives of the three tribes living in the Qumi-Qumi world. They have different characters and temperaments; however, they are friends despite complicated relationship among the tribes. In every episode one of the three friends runs into trouble all of them need to clear it up. The fact that both Juga and Shumadan are in love with Yusi doesn’t make the situation any easier.






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