New YouTube channels for Kit-n-Kate: Spanish, Portuguese and Polish!

Our new amazing partner, media company Amuse, has just launched three (!!!) new YouTube channels for our flagship project Kit^n^Kate in Spanish, Portuguese and Polish languages. First episodes will be available on the channels this coming Saturday, October 13.

The aforementioned languages will soon be released on Amazon as well, with Amuse as our trusted agent for the launch.

The series which tells about magic adventures of two curious kittens can now boast dubbings on 26 languages most of which are actively being broadcasted by top TV-channels and digital platforms of Benelux and Eastern European countries, Russia, Finland, Australia, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, Middle East and Africa, just to name a few.

Second season of the project with a slightly different format is currently in active production and will be released in the fall of 2019.



26 episodes


106 episodes