Toonbox turns 11!

On Sunday, May 5, animation studio Toonbox turns 11 years old. After surviving certain ups and downs, producing hundreds of animated movies, creating a number of innovative projects, and transfering its headquarters to Cyprus, our team feels stronger than ever! Pavel Muntyan and Vladimir Ponomarev, founders of the studio are sharing major milestones and greetings.

“Within the last 11 years we have produced 337 animated movies with a total timekeeping of 17,5 hours. Our projects are being aired in more than 130 countries in 27 languages. Our YouTube channels can boast over 1,84 billion views. In 2019, our series Qumi-Qumi was awarded as Best Animated Series at Suzdalfest and our YouTube channel dedicated to Mr. Freeman received the Gold Play Button from YouTube for gaining over 1 million subscribers” says Pavel Muntyan, CEO of Toonbox.

Vladimir Ponomarev, the one and only Toonbox Art Director greets its team, partners and friends, “Dear friends, congratulations on Toonbox 11-th birthday! We are very thankful to everyone who has been part of our progress and helped us on the way. You are all part of our really cool projects. Thank you so much!”

Toonbox flagship projects, animated series Kit^n^Kate, Qumi-Qumi and Mr. Freeman are very popular on TV-channels and online platforms all over the world. Production of the second season of Kit^n^Kate, series for preschoolers is in full swing and some of the episodes are already available online. Those interested can also download a game based on the series from AppStore or Google Play. Plush kittens from the series are very active on social media. Qumi-Qumi is now available in a brand new format: a mix of 2D and 3D technologies was honoured with the Best Series Award at Suzdalfest in March 2019. While Mr. Freeman, an animated character and some sort of a digital Messiah, launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the production of two new episodes at a time.

Kudos to our partners and friends from Toonbox team!



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